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International Tax Services

     Many of our individual and small business clients receive income from U.S. and non-U.S. sources, including but not limited to earned income, dividends, rents and royalties. In this context, international tax planning and advice in English, German, French or Spanish on tax treaty issues constitute a substantial part of our practice. We also provide tax advice to our clients with international projects involving joint ventures, international leases, purchase and sales contracts. Our service starts with drafting plans for the intended transactions and follows through until the final implementation.

     We also offer Expatriate tax services. Whether private life or business takes you to live or work inside your home country or to expatriate to another country, our firm assists you in the tax planning and tax filing process. We help you to be an active part of the global workforce while avoiding international double taxation no matter where you earn your money.  Should you own bank accounts outside the U.S. which exceed the thresholds of the IRS, we will professionally assure all required FBAR and FATCA reporting.

     Where comparable taxes are imposed by your country of citizenship or residence, and at the same time by the country in which you work and earn income, international double taxation arises. Current tax treaties, which the U.S. recognizes with many foreign nations, allow several methods to relieve international double taxation. In preparing your income tax return, we will select and use the method that is most advantageous for your specific situation.

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